Men’s Imaging

Imaging Just for Men

Men’s imaging is a catchall term used to describe imaging procedures for the male reproductive organs including the prostate gland and the scrotum. These imaging procedures include prostate MRI, and ultrasound of the prostate and scrotum.

How Should You Prepare Prostate MRI Imaging?

If you are having a prostate MRI, you should prepare just as you would for any MRI. Alert the technologist of any metal and or implanted devices you have in or on your body. The technologist will check your implant(s) for their safety and compatibility before you enter the MRI room. In most cases, you can eat and drink before your MRI.

Before the MRI, please remove glasses, pens and pencils, hearing aids, hair accessories, dentures and partials, infusion insulin pumps, jewelry, TENS units, coins, credit cards and bank cards, wallets and purses, keys, pocketknives, pagers, phones and safety pins.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing without metal snaps, hooks, belts or zippers. You may need to wear an exam gown during the study because metal objects on your clothing affect the quality of the images.

What to Expect During Prostate MRI

We will first ask you several questions about past surgeries or injuries to ensure you can safely undergo an MRI exam. During the exam you will be placed on a padded table that slides into the MRI unit. Once inside the magnet, you will be instructed not to move. You will hear a pronounced thumping noise from the machine. This is normal. We will offer you headphones if the noises are uncomfortable for you. The exam will take about 30 minutes. After the test, you will be free to leave and resume normal activities.