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Chest CT For Early Lung Cancer Screening

Studies suggest that computed tomography CT scans can detect small lung cancers and other abnormalities--signs that tend to be missed by traditional X-ray pictures of a person's chest. One study found that CT scans detected 27 lung cancers, but chest X-rays only detected seven lung cancers in this same group. Your smoking history and age will determine whether you are eligible to participate in lung cancer screening with low-dose CT. Should a suspicious region be observed on your CT scan, you will be referred for follow-up with high-resolution CT scans to more accurately assess the abnormality. The potential benefits of early lung cancer detection are currently the topic of intense international research. However, the earlier lung cancer is detected, the sooner appropriate treatment can begin. This advanced test only takes about 15 seconds. You lie on a table and hold your breath as the CT machine moves around you, creating detailed images of your lungs.

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